Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Projects

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I didn't see anything come out from my daughter's school (which is very unusual), but I still wanted to do something to celebrate it.

Today I'm sharing 2 of the projects that we did.  The first uses the pint sized mason jars.  We separated the M&Ms by color and layered them into the mason jars.  Then attached a saying that we found on the internet.  There are 10 jars in total so that my daughter can also give one to each of her encore teachers (Spanish, Art, PE, Music) as well as the principal and vice principal.

We purchased 2 really big bags of M&Ms and noticed after we sorted each bag that we had a lot of the  blue, green and orange ones but significantly less of each of the red, brown and yellow ones - even though, they still turned out nice and colorful.

For the next project, we attached a printable found on the internet to her teacher's favorite soda.  A very quick and easy project.

I'll be posting more teacher appreciation projects later this week.

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