Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scrappin' Kitty

This past Saturday, June 20th was a very sad day.  Our beloved cat, Gizmo, had to be put to sleep.  We adopted him from the humane society 11 years ago and I was proud to be his "mom."   Gizmo loved the Cricut machines - every time I would turn the machine on, Gizmo would appear and he would sit in my scrapbook room watching the machine, fascinated by it.

About a year ago, he had to have surgery to remove a bladder stone.  The surgery was a disaster - a vet student let him loose in the back and they ended up breaking his K9 tooth trying to capture him (although they would never admit it but when he went in his teeth were perfectly fine).  The surgery took longer than it was supposed to (and cost several hundred more to extract the broken tooth) and they were never able to find the stone.  $2K and a month later, Gizmo's health deteriorated fairly quickly.  With medicine (antibiotics and pain medicine), lots of vet visits and speculation by different vets of what could be wrong with him, I made the decision to do what I could for him.  This past week, he was very lethargic and in pain.

Rest in peace my sweet boy.

Gizmo using the Cricut
July 2004 - newly adopted

July 2004 - love those cute white paws!
Gizmo loved being with the bunnies (I had 5 of them).

Cuddling with his adopted brother, Rocky

June 20, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Cake, Cupcakes and Birthdays, Oh my!

My daughter definitely has the creative gene!

For her dad's birthday she decided to make him a cake that looked like him.  I think she did an excellent job - way better than I could have done.


We also made 4 dozen cupcakes to take to school for her {early} birthday treat...


She has also been making cards.  Here's a few of the one's she's made recently.



Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dance Gift Bags

The Senior Team from the dance academy that my daughter attends competed at Dance Worlds at the end of April, so we made them treat bags with a good luck note.

The dancer cut is from Wall Decor and More and is one of my favorite dancer cuts from the Cricut cartridges.