Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a very happy valentine's day!

This year my daughter handmade her class valentine's.  She selected cute animal pictures from the internet, printed them, cut and matted them.  She then drew and colored in hearts around the pictures.  I love that she is so creative and crafty!

We decided to recycle and use last year's valentine collection box (the one that took me until 2A to complete for her).  It was still in almost perfect shape.  Of course it did take some convincing on my part and she agreed as to "not cause mom any more work."  Lol....I'm glad at 7 she is starting to understand how much time crafts can actually take to complete. you think it would be pushing my luck to get her to use it again next year too!?!?!

For my daughter's competitive dance team, I put together some treat bags for her to share with her teammates.  Yep, they had practice on Valentine's day - every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are team practices.  The bee is cut at 2.5" from the Create a Critter Cartridge.  I used the gypsy to weld hearts onto his antennae and embellished with Cotton Candy Distressed Stickles.

I have really enjoyed seeing all of the CAC2 cartridge projects, but cannot justify buying it at this time since it seems that many of the critters are the same with just tiny variations to the original CAC cuts.  So, until I breakdown and buy it, I figured I could just modify what I have to be similar.

The treat bags are Ziploc snack bags - they're what I had handy and the cost can't be beat at just a few dollars for 100.

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  1. Your daughter has the best name ever (okay so biased as it is my daughters name as well!) and thess treats turned out super cute.