Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Box

Guess what I was doing at 1A this morning!?!  I was using my cricut to create a valentine box (from a cereal box) for my daughter.  It's year end close at my job, so I didn't get home from work until 8P and the project was due today (Friday).  My daughter helped, but I finally made her go to bed at 10 - she's only 6, so that's really late for her.

You know, I often get asked by my friends and people I meet at crops, "How do you do all that and work 50+ hours a week?"  Well, often times I don't get it done and I have to convince myself that it's alright.  And other times I'm staying up like last night to get treats or crafts completed because it just needs to get done and that's the only time I have.  My daughter is very appreciative of everything I do, so that helps to motivate me.

So, are you ready to see the project that kept me up most of the night?

The box was a Rice Krispies box and I folded in the top flaps - inside and the whole outside of the box are covered with the printed paper.  Paper was printed from the Imagine Industrial Glow Cartridge.  The monkey, dog and sayings were cut from Sweethearts and the koala is from Create a Critter.  Font is from the Hannah Montana cartridge.


  1. Cute idea. My students will need a holder for their Valentines too. Hope you will stop by and see my stick pin pictorial.

    Carson's Creations

  2. What a fun project! Everything is so cute!

  3. so cute you should enter this at decorate to celebrate valentine challenge

  4. This is precious!!! So, so cute. ...And I LOVE your blog banner!!

  5. I think this is adorable! I love how you used Industrial Glow for a Valentine's box. I would have never thought to use it like that but it's great! TFS

  6. This is such a cute box! I love it and I love PINK!!!