Saturday, February 18, 2012

Buttercream, Fondant and Gumpaste - Oh My!

I won the Cake machine from Provocraft several months back and now I have a reason to try it out.
 My daughter and I spent a good portion of the day making a cake, buttercream frosting, marshmallow fondant and gumpaste.  Tomorrow we will frost the cake with the buttercream frosting and then cover with fondant.  We'll use the gumpaste {hopefully} in the Cricut Cake machine to cut out some decorations.  Wish us luck! 
My dad requested that I make him a birthday cake using my Cricut Cake machine for his 71st birthday.  Only one problem, I've never used the Cricut Cake before and I've never made Fondant or Gumpaste. 
I'll post on our cake decorating progress in a day or two.
I also received my Disney photopass CD - it was so worth it, the photos are magnificient.

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  1. Can not wait to see your cake and I so agree the photo pass Cd is so perfect..especially when you get to add in the borders and fun stuff and they add in all those cool treats like tinkerbell.